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All of our labels are Pressure Sensitive and Laminated. We do not use “cut and stack” labels. These are not laminated and are glued at the ends - similar to a Soup label or Nestle, Ozarka water label. Our pressure sensitive labels are more expensive, nicer, and stick to the bottle. Our labels wrap around the bottle and leave a gap between the two ends. This prevents the ends from looking uneven. We take great care to make sure you are pleased with your design and that the design prints exactly how you envision.


All bottles are NOT created equal. Over the last 20 years the amount of plastic used in PET water bottles has decreased significantly. Our bottles are heavy and sturdy enough to not crumble in your hands when removing the cap or holding the bottle. All of our bottles have a smooth, flat Label Panel that the label will adhere to. Please remember to recycle!


As with water bottles, water bottle caps have decreased in size over the years. Not to worry! Our caps are not so small that you can’t screw it back on the bottle.


We offer Premium Drinking Water. Premium water has been purified through our approved bottlers' purification system. Our two sources for our Premium Drinking Water are Spring Water and Artesian Well Water.