Frequently Asked Questions

What are Art Charges/ Setup Fees?

Special Occasion Orders (orders that are typically very small) require a $35.00 setup fee. This fee includes all pre-press setup and up to one hour of art work. Additional charges may apply to your setup fee if you want a Picasso-like design or if your label requires an ocean of ink. Corporate orders (larger orders with multiple reorders) require a $50.00 setup fee. This includes all pre-press setup and up to one hour of art time. If your label requires more than one hour of art time, a $50.00 hourly rate will apply for each additional hour; however, fear not, our designers are fleet footed and most orders are done within the one hour setup fee.

What are the requirements and specifications for submitting my artwork?

Personalized Bottle Water'd preferred format is Adobe Illustrator. Please make sure to 'create outlines' or 'convert to paths' all text before sending your file. The following file types will also be accepted: *.psd *.fn *.eps *.tif *.jpg All images should be in their original format. All images must be at LEAST 300 dpi. Note: Images attained form the internet are not usually print quality. PBW will NOT reproduce copyright material unless you hold the copyright or have a release.

Do you have to pay for the art work again if you reorder?

Only if you want to. Otherwise, no, this is a one time fee and you will not be charged again for art work unless you change your label.

How do you determine freight cost?

No doubt, shipping can be a little tricky. However we have the expertise to make it happen as easy as can be. Depending on the size of your order, where the water is being shipped, and whether you have a receiving dock, the best shipping method can vary. Orders that are fewer than 9 or so cases generally are shipped by UPS Ground Service. Larger orders are usually shipped by truck on pallets. There are several questions to consider before shipping your water by truck. Do you have a dock? Is the dock at the proper height for an 18 wheeler to unload? Do you have access to a forklift? Will you need the driver to unload? We’ll address these together, but keep them in mind for our conversation.

Who pays for the labels?

WE DO! You never pay for labels (you only pay for the art work/ setup and the color printing plates). Both are a one time charge unless you change your label.

What type of labels do you use and are they waterproof?

We have a wide variety of label stocks to choose from. All of our labels are highly water resistant. Waterproof labels are available on most orders. We also offer foil (silver and gold), hot stamped and engraved labels.

How long does it take to complete an order?

Orders are processed as they are received on a daily basis. Special occasion orders usually take approximately one to two weeks. If you need your order sooner, a rush fee may apply. Corporate orders usually take three weeks on the first order from the date the artwork is approved. Reorders are filled within one to two weeks.

How does the whole process work?

You fill out the order request form. A PBW representative will contact you in 2 days or less – reviewing your order, art work, and shipping information. You confirm the order. We charge your credit card. Allow one to two weeks to receive your order. Corporate orders can take up to three weeks. Enjoy your water. Tell your friends and/or associates. Repeat cycle.

When do I pay for the order?

Your credit card is not billed until a representative has called to review your order and artwork has been approved. All orders require payment in full before shipping. Terms are available on corporate orders (ask a representative for details).

What are printing plates and how do I know if I need them?

Printing plates are typically used on water orders that are 30 cases or more. Plates are generally used only on corporate orders and cost $45.00 each. Depending on how the label is printed will determine if we use plates and how many. Most labels that require plates vary from one plate to four-color process (four color plates used to make several colors). A representative will review your label and discuss the number of plates used before proceeding with your order.

Do I have to pay for the plates and art work when I reorder?

No. Plates and art work are a one time charge unless you change your label design.

What type of water do you sell?

We offer Premium Drinking Water. Premium water has been purified thru our approved bottlers' purification system. Our two sources for our Premium Drinking Water are Spring Water and Artesian Well Water.

Is there a shelf life on bottle water?

Yes. Our premium drinking water has a two year shelf life. You should not sell or give away water that is over two years old from the date the water was bottled. Each case of water has a date on which it was bottled. Each individual bottle also has this information, so you’re always assured of fresh, pure water.